Transport on Easter Island

Detailed information on transport in Easter Island. Find out how to get into the country and how to get around whether by land, sea or air.

Getting around

Land: The island is easily navigable by road. The best way to see it is to hire a car from Aku Aku Turismo starting from $50 per day. They have a reliable armada of 4x4s, hatchbacks, scooters and quads to choose from.

There is only one town, Hanga Roa, on the island so most accommodation, including Hotel Chez Maria Goretti, is centred around there. There are two main circuits to drive: the southeastern and the western. The majority of the “postcard” sights line the longer southeastern circuit but the smaller western sights are not to be missed either.

If you want to rent a car during your stay then we suggest Rentalcars to find local car rental companies.