Senior .NET Engineer

Posted: November 18, 2018
Wildbit : Senior .NET Engineer

Company: Wildbit
Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

Come work at Wildbit!  We’re hiring a Senior .NET Engineer for Postmark, a cloud email infrastructure product that allows businesses to send and receive transactional emails from their applications.
A Postmark backend engineer will primarily write C# code to improve and enhance the API and backend services.
You might work on:
  • Building an entirely new feature like email templates.
  • Adding logging/metrics to gain more observability into the system.
  • Creating and configuring new servers to handle additional load.
  • Figuring out what is the right index to add to make a query faster.
  • Improving internal tools and interfaces to make your coworkers lives better.
  • Helping a customer debug why their emails aren’t sending correctly.
  • Handling production outages.

Check out the full job description and apply at the link below.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

To apply: Please apply here: