Senior Python Developer

Posted: September 9, 2019
6nomads : Senior Python Developer

Company: 6nomads
Headquarters: San Francisco,

We’re looking for Senior Python engineers to help them find full-time remote work in a product company. We partner with reliable startups and tech companies that are mature enough to manage remote development teams and high-value product engineering. 
Good English and communication skills are crucial as you’ll be working in a global remote team. You should have senior level experience (~5 years) building modern back-end systems, with at least 3 years of that experience using Python. 

  • Senior-level experience (~5 years) building modern back-end systems. 
  • At least 3 years of that experience using Python. 
  • Experience with web frameworks like Django 
  • Experience publishing and consuming APIs. 
  • SQL Database skills. 
  • Confident verbal and written English. 
Bonus points for: 
  • Knowledge of full-stack software development. 
  • Experience using and contributing to open-source projects. 
  • Experience working remotely. 
About 6nomads:

  • We’re a remote team ourselves and we strongly believe that the future of work is remote. That’s why we’re building a talent matching platform for remote engineers and tech companies. 
  • We think that resume sucks and we won’t ask for it. The only thing we really care is your skills, that’s why you need to prove them by going through the 2-step verification process. 
  • Read our blog to learn more. 

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