Do you want to see more of the world?

Do you want to travel more but think it’s expensive? Would you like to avoid the mistakes we made on our first time around the world?

We’re here to show you all the tips, tricks and travel hacks for taking a dream trip, be it a year-long sojourn around the world, a multi-month trip through Asia, or a shorter adventure in the country next door.

In 2014, we – author Kia Abdullah and photographer Peter Watson – quit our jobs and left the gloomy streets of London for our first time around the world.

With years of exploring behind us already, we thought we knew everything there was to know about long-term travel. Yet, somehow, we still “offered papaya” in Colombia, got a funny tummy in Tonga, fell off a bike in Bora Bora and broke down in Bolivia (in more ways than one).

Fast forward two years and we’re far more wise and a little less cocky. In Don’t Offer Papaya: 101 Tips for Your First Time Around the World, we mix personal  stories with succinct travel advice to tell you everything you need to know about life on the road, from mind-hacking taxi drivers into accepting your fare to the number one rule for not looking like a douche.

Our lessons learned are read by 100,000 people every month here at Atlas & Boots and are expanded in our indispensable new guide to life on the road.

How to plan and afford your big dream trip

One of the things we say over and over to people is that it’s not as hard as you think.

With practical, usable advice on how much to save and how to save it, where to go and what to pack, our ebook Don’t Offer Papaya shows you, step by step, how you too can take a big dream trip.

What you’ll learn with this ebook

  • Use our budget formula to work how how much you need for your trip
  • Decide whether or not a round the world ticket is right for you
  • Save money by learning what to look for at bus stations, taxi ranks and restaurants
  • Learn a psychological trick to deal with distressed babies on planes
  • Follow correct Airbnb etiquette
  • Stay healthy on the road
  • Beat travel burnout and loneliness
  • Improve language learning with advice from six expert polyglots
  • Take better photos with tips from seven professional photographers
  • Avoid bank fees when buying goods overseas
  • Pack effectively with our comprehensive packing list

+ tons of other tips for your big dream trip.

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Here’s what customers from Amazon thought

“I loved the meaning behind the title and found the book itself both amusing and useful. I’m not planning a long trip at the moment (one can dream!), but found plenty in the book that applies to shorter trips. I thought the last point in the ‘How to travel as a couple’ tip was really insightful – not just for travelling but in daily life too. Highly recommended.”
Sami, Amazon UK

“Offers plenty of tangible advice (e.g. a budget formula for working out how much to save, a list of everything you need to pack) interweaved with funny insights into the authors’ own travel mishaps and experiences. Much of the advice can be applied to everyday life too (e.g. how to talk to strangers, how to avoid burnout) so it proves its worth even after you’ve returned.”
Shane, Amazon US

“As a traveller myself, I didn’t think there was anything more I needed to know, but this book has so many useful hints and tips. Practical advice for saving my photos, better ways to haggle, dealing with children on planes and getting good discounts! Thank you – super useful.”
Bella, Amazon UK

“Whether you’re planning your big trip around the world or simply want to live vicariously through their many interesting (and often hilarious) anecdotes, I’m sure you will find Atlas & Boots’ first book offering an excellent source of both information and entertainment.”
Miss Christine Jaeggi, Amazon UK

“I am an avid world traveler and think I am fairly good at knowing many in and outs. However, I have never thought about long term travels and fixed income after quitting my job like these two authors did! I found tons of insight in the book on proper planning for simple things like vaccinations for countries I will be visiting … I also learned that changing currency at hotels is usually a horrible rate and fee when you can walk a block away and find somewhere.”
Chris Miller, Amazon US

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