The Journey

Think about a traditional big trip abroad and you’ll likely picture a backpacker in Thailand on his way to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Or, just as likely, one in Brazil readying for his journey to Peru, Chile or Argentina. Those tried-and-tested routes sound fantastic but we wanted to start with something different: an ambitious journey eastward across the Pacific taking in the seldom visited islands of Vanuatu, Tonga and Rarotonga among others.

travelling eastwards across the Pacific – against the trade winds

We started on August 11th 2014 with a 36-hour journey from London, through Singapore and Brisbane, to our final destination of Vanuatu. Since then, we have traced an epic route against the trade winds visiting the above islands as well as Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand, Tahiti, Bora Bora and Hawaii among others before hitting terra firma in South America to explore the continent overland.

All together, we have visited over 70 countries between us and one day hope to find somewhere to settle, start a new life and call home, bidding farewell once and for all to the infamously terrible weather of London.