What is the best eSIM for travel in Mexico?

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13th October 2023

The best eSIM for travel in Mexico made our multi-city trip smoother than we had hoped. Here, we share how we stayed online entirely hassle-free

It’s fair to say that after 100 countries of travel across seven continents, Peter and I have found ourselves in some pretty sticky situations. There was the time we got a flat tyre in Etosha National Park in Namibia, home to an estimated 750 lions. Tourists are strictly forbidden from leaving their vehicles – but we had no connectivity so couldn’t call for help. Cue a very sweaty tyre change.

Then there was the time all our credit cards failed in a Belarus restaurant. Peter tried several nearby ATMs to no avail while I sat in the restaurant desperately trying to connect to the wifi. We were unable to communicate with the manager, unable to seek help from our bank, and quickly lost the good grace of the staff. 

Then there was the time we ended up in a roach-infested roadside hotel between two towns in Sri Lanka. Unable to get online to find and book somewhere else, I endured one of the most challenging nights of my life. 

Compare this to our time in Mexico in December last year. Logistically, our trip wasn’t straightforward. We had a five-city itinerary with long drives in between including a number of remote stops.

Thankfully, we had done our research and bought the best eSIM for travel in Mexico, which meant that we were able to stay online for the entire time. To help you have a hassle-free trip, we share our recommendations below.


What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is not a physical SIM card. As such, you do not have to open up your phone, trim the card down to size and stick it into a fiddly slot. Instead, think of it as a virtual card that already sits in your phone or tablet. To use it, you simply buy a package (known as an ‘eSIM profile’) from a supplier. They will email you a QR code which you can scan to activate the package once you reach your destination – in this case, Mexico. 

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Instagram ready: Kia at Suytun Cenote in Mexico

The eSIM will connect your device to a local mobile network on the fly, which means that you can quickly sign up for service without having to track down a physical store and install a traditional SIM card.

Once you leave Mexico, you can delete the eSIM profile and install a different one when you visit another country. 

Why use an eSIM?

There are numerous benefits of using an eSIM:

It’s cheap: Using an eSIM for travel in Mexico is far cheaper than the data roaming plans the major networks offer.

It’s easy: eSIMs are available in over 165 countries worldwide. Even if you are fluent in Spanish, they are far more convenient than tracking down a store and sourcing a local SIM card for your phone. Installation is quick and painless and they connect to local networks on the fly, meaning you can move around Mexico without losing coverage or connectivity. 

Convenience: You do not need to eject your physical SIM so it’s easier to keep it safe. Using dual SIMs allows you to make and receive calls from your normal phone number. If you’d rather not use your physical SIM at all, you can make and receive calls via WhatsApp rather than a phone network. Some eSIMs limit hotspot creation, so check the technical specs of the eSIM you are thinking of buying.

Reliable: As eSIMs piggyback off local mobile networks, their internet connection is as fast and reliable as using a physical SIM card.

Sustainable: An eSIM eliminates the environmental impact of physical SIM card production, packaging and distribution.

Best eSIM for travel in Mexico

There are several providers to choose from but based on our first-hand experience, the best eSIM for travel to Mexico is Holafly eSIM

The Holafly eSIM comes with unlimited data plans in Mexico. While it did not allow for hotspot sharing, it did prove to be fast and reliable during our time in Mexico. Based on Trustpilot reviews (4.7 stars out of 5 stars), thousands of other travellers have had a positive experience with Holafly too.

The best eSIM for travel in Mexico will keep you connected from bar to beach
Pozdeyev Vitaly/Shutterstock The best eSIM for travel in Mexico will keep you connected from bar to beach

The Holafly eSIM comes in various packages based on the length of time you will be spending in Mexico and has dual SIM capability so you can continue using your own SIM if you wish. Getting online is easy but if you do have an issue, they offer 24/7 chat help as well as lots of other eSIM support. 

We can offer our readers 5% off on Holafly purchases with this coupon: ATLASANDBOOTS

Packages include the below. Prices are quoted in USD.

  • Unlimited data, 5 days: $19
  • Unlimited data, 7 days: $27
  • Unlimited data, 10 days: $34
  • Unlimited data, 15 days: $47
  • Unlimited data, 20 days: $54
  • Unlimited data, 30 days: $64
  • Unlimited data, 60 days: $84
  • Unlimited data, 90 days: $99

You can also opt for the regional eSIM for North America which allows you to connect in the United States, Canada and Mexico (6Gb, 15 days, $54).

Consider downloading the Holafly app, which will help you manage your data plans and top up after your plan expires.

Holafly covers 165 destinations worldwide, so once you’re finished with your eSIM in Mexico, you can simply delete it and buy a different package when you’re ready for your next trip.


Airalo comes in a close second with a wide range of eSIMs available covering short and long-term plans. We can offer new users 15% off all Airalo eSIM packages with the code ATLAS&BOOTS15 and current users 10% off with ATLAS&BOOTS10.

Nomad eSIM is another decent option for an eSIM in Mexico. They are competitive when it comes to price and reasonably well-rated on Trustpilot. However, they have a limited number of options for Mexico (only seven-day or 30-day durations) and only 1GB, 3GB and 5GB data plans. They also change carriers depending on the plan which is rather unusual.

eSIM.net is part of O2 so enjoys a reliable and fast service. It is well-reviewed on Trustpilot, but when we looked into buying an eSIM for Mexico, the website said it was out of stock, which was rather confusing for a digital product! It’s also worth noting that this provider only has 30-day rolling or fixed plans, making it less suitable for long-term trips.

Keepgo has traditionally focused on pay-as-you-go physical SIM cards but has recently transitioned to eSIMs. Currently, their offering is limited, but on the plus side, their data plans do not have a time limit, meaning that they’re valid forever.


Modern smartphones should be compatible with eSIMs including the most current models of iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Sony and Oppo running on Apple iOS or Android mobile operating systems. eSIMs will also work on newer tablets and laptops. Remember that your device must be carrier-unlocked to use the eSIM.

Currently, Mexico travel eSIM plans only include mobile data. They do not allow you to make phone calls or send SMS/text messages. You can still make calls via WhatsApp, Skype or iMessage.

A man holding a smartphone with a photo of Chichén Itzá in Mexico
Images Products/Shutterstock We believe Holafly are the best eSIM providers

Holafly’s Mexico eSIM uses Movistar and AT&T Mexico, two of the most reliable networks in the country. Other eSIM providers also use Telcel which is also reliable or Truphone which is not so well-regarded.

If you are planning to travel throughout North America consider getting a regional plan which covers Mexico, the USA and Canada. Some providers also offer regional plans for the Caribbean and Latin America.

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