Transport in Tahiti & French Polynesia

Detailed information on transport in Tahiti & French Polynesia. Find out how to get into the country and how to get around whether by land, sea or air.

Getting around

Land: ‘Le Truck’ runs around the main islands of Tahiti in both directions at fairly regularly intervals although there are no timetables. They collect from anywhere (just wave them down) and stop at most shopping, transport and accommodation hubs.

If you want to rent a car during your stay then we suggest Rentalcars to find local car rental companies.

Sea: Aremiti run two passenger ferries between Tahiti and Mo’orea. There are cargo ships to other islands but they have low capacity, irregular timetables and they understandably prioritise locals over tourists.

Air: Air Tahiti offer multi-stop passes which can save you money if you’re planning to visit several islands.

Getting there

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