Natural wonders vs manmade sights

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Atlas & Boots host Lonely Planet’s #LPChat

In August, we hosted Lonely Planet’s #LPChat on Twitter to celebrate the release of their Ultimate Travelist, a list of 500 unmissable attractions across the world ranked by their global community of travel experts. The subject in question was natural wonders vs manmade sights.

On our travels, we’ve stood awed beneath a wide range of manmade sights, from Angkor Wat and Petra to the Easter Island moai and Incan ruins at Machu Picchu. We’re also desperate to discover unknown architectural wonders we haven’t yet seen.

If, however, we had to choose only one category of sights, it would undoubtedly be natural wonders. Sights like Mount Yasur and Perito Moreno are the most breathtaking we’ve seen and there’s nothing quite like nature’s force up close. Naturally there were opinions on both ends of the spectrum. Below is a snapshot of the debate, also viewable in a new tab.

Get the Ultimate Travelist, 500 unmissable attractions across the world ranked by Lonely Planet’s global community of travel experts.

Lead image: Dreamstime

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