Useful travel gadgets: what we’re using in 2022

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From practical solutions for everyday problems to highbrow electronics for luxury on the road, here are our favoured useful travel gadgets of 2022

The modern traveller rarely leaves home without a range of gadgets and accessories. Despite years of travel and streamlining my gear, I still pack a healthy number of gadgets.

Unless I’m going completely off-grid, there are certain (usually electronic) luxuries I don’t want to be without. I want to take thousands of photographs, listen to music, watch a movie, stay in touch with my family and most importantly of all, keep track of England’s latest batting collapse (a form of self-harm I’m sure).

Therefore, the following useful travel gadgets are a mix of what I won’t travel without and what’s on my wish list for 2020.

1. World travel adapter kit

Nearly everything on this list of useful travel gadgets requires a power source, be it mains or USB. The Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit is the perfect solution to the problem of packing seemingly boundless numbers of cables and adaptors.

The kit works in over 200 countries and territories and can charge up to five devices using only one outlet. It is surge protected and includes two US plugs, two USB ports, a fixed USB cable and six country-specific connectors.

The kit also features a smart LED voltage indicator which shows whether a 110V or 220V is present. This ensures you know which devices are compatible and can be safely connected.

2. Noise-cancelling earbuds

These are ideal for long journeys where other passengers might not always be as considerate as one might hope. I am not the most tolerant of people (I prefer animals), so these Bose QuietComfort noise-cancelling earbuds sound ideal (excuse the pun).

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds
Bose Great for long journeys

You can turn the noise-cancelling feature up or down according to preference or, at a touch, activate a mode to hear what’s happening around you. The buds have an inline microphone and remote control to switch to calls and control other functions and come in two versions: Apple or Samsung/Android.

3. Power bank + solar charger

I carry a fair amount of electronics on treks and climbs including two cameras and a smartphone. All of these need juice, so a reliable power bank and solar charger make life easier. I use a Powergorilla charger and a Falcon 21 foldable solar charger from PowerTraveller.

Atlas & BOots
Atlas & Boots
I used my PowerTraveller kit on a recent climb in Argentina

Both still function in cold temperatures. The Powergorilla can charge devices up to 24Volts (such as a laptop). The solar charger is also reliable enough to charge smaller devices.

4. SteriPEN Ultra water purifier

I’ve been cavalier (or foolhardy) in the past and drunk the local iced water in India. I’ve not been hesitant about drinking from dubious water sources such as barely moving streams on camping trips in Romania and Serbia too. And I’ve nearly always regretted it.

The SteriPEN Ultra eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria in up to a litre of water in just 90 seconds, can be used up to 8,000 times and is easily rechargeable. With one charge it can treat up to 50 litres of water.

We bought one in 2014 and have used it on almost every trip since. Now I sample all the local puddle water I want.

5. Portable wifi hub

As travel writers, having unlimited global wifi at our fingertips has made our lives so much easier given the number of hours we have wasted watching progress bars advance at an excruciating pace over slow connections.

keepgo data sim against beautiful beach and sky
One of our most useful travel gadgets

KeepGo offers a number of different data options for their portable WiFi hotspots and world SIM cards. We use the Keepgo International Wifi Hotspot to help us get online while travelling. The device generates a secure wifi connection using local 4G mobile networks in over 120 countries.

You can get 10% off any Keepgo product using this referral link.


Not technically a gadget, but it has never been more important to make sure you have reliable travel insurance. The pandemic brought in a new raft of potential medical issues and the knock-on effects have led to a rise in flight cancellations, long queues, lost baggage and strike threats.

We have used a number of travel insurance providers over the years and are now covered by SafetyWing which offers a range of premium travel medical insurance built specifically for digital nomads who have health insurance coverage in their home country but need coverage abroad.

SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance covers travel delays, lost checked luggage, emergency response, natural disasters and personal liability as well as medical assistance up to $250,000 USD. It can be purchased while already abroad, covers home trip visits and operates like a monthly subscription.

7. JBL Charge Bluetooth speaker

Kia and I enjoy watching a good film at day’s end, but listening from tinny laptop speakers or, worse, a muffled smartphone is not ideal – we’re not teenagers on a London bus after all.

This JBL wireless Bluetooth speaker was a leaving present from colleagues when we went on our round-the-world trip back in 2014, and it is supreme. It’s fairly lightweight and can also act as a charging station for other mobile devices.

Now there is a newly refurbished version of the JBL Charge 4 as well as a larger JBL Xtreme 3 which comes with integrated hanging hooks, a carrying strap and a built-in bottle opener! We have both.

8. Sand-free multi-mat

This may not be solving the biggest problem in the world, but it does make a day at the beach just that bit more comfortable. The CGear sand-free multi-mat uses “sand-free technology” alongside a soft but durable material to provide the ultimate beach mat.

most useful travel gadgets sand
CGear Sand can only go one way

The mat uses engineered layers of high-density weave that allows particles of sand, dirt, and dust to fall through the fabric. Because the layers are staggered, sand can only go one way (down), not back up.

9. Luggage scales

Excess baggage fees are a pain, to say the least. It’s frustrating to repack luggage when you realise your bags are overweight. And it is insanely exasperating waiting in the queue while customers in front do the same.

most useful travel gadgets scales
Duronic One of the most useful travel gadgets every traveller should own

These Duronic digital luggage scales are lightweight, easy-to-use and do exactly what they say on the tin. Frankly, every traveller should own one. For all our sakes.

10. Satellite Communicator

Kia recently asked six experts to share their solo hiking tips for women. While particularly relevant to women, many of the tips are applicable to anyone who likes hiking or escaping the grid.

useful travel gadgets sat phone
Iridium Consider a satellite phone if solo hiking in remote areas

If like us, you find yourself regularly hiking in highly remote areas, you may wish to buy a satellite communicator for your safety kit. Iridium phones have global coverage, integrated GPS, an SOS button and Push-to-Talk feature. For one-off adventures, you can rent a satellite phone instead.

11. Portable espresso machine

Okay, so maybe this isn’t one of the most useful travel gadgets, but I want one all the same. I may not actually bring it on all our travels, but I can see myself packing it on one of my more luxurious camping trips when I have the car and access to campsite facilities (but perhaps not when climbing one of the seven summits).

most useful travel gadgets coffee
Wacaco Fresh coffee while camping sounds like bliss

Small enough to fit into a pocket, the Wacaco Minipresso means you can enjoy a single, double or encapsulated espresso when away from home – as long as you have access to hot water that is.

A semi-automatic piston injects small quantities of water into the coffee adapter and, after a few pushes, you can enjoy a “rich and bold” espresso. Sounds like bliss on a chilly morning.

Lead image: Stock-Asso/Shutterstock

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