Transport in Colombia

Detailed information on transport in Colombia. Find out how to get into the country and how to get around whether by land, sea or air.

Getting around

Land: Arranging buses in Colombia can be a bit of challenge at times, though they are by far the most convenient and budget-friendly mode of transport. Most cities have at least one ‘terminal de buses’ (bus terminal). There is a wide range of options in terms of comfort and quality, so it’s a good idea to shop around at the larger stations. Generally, the larger, long-distance buses have reclining seats, toilets, loud music and videos (sometimes dubbed or subtitled). Be warned that air conditioning on Colombian buses is usually very cold, so take warm clothing.

Some suggested companies are: Expreso Bolívariano, Expreso Brasilia, Expreso Palmira, Berlinas, Copetran and Flota Magdalena. In smaller areas such as San Agustín and Salento, small buses and jeeps are the only options available.

If you want to rent a car during your stay then we suggest Rentalcars to find local car rental companies.

Air: We suggest flying into Cartagena where possible and working your way south. This will depend on your itinerary and whether or not you want to visit the country’s capital, Bogotá. There are several domestic airlines from which choose (Avianca, Copa and Satena) including budget options such as EasyFly, LAN and VivaColombia. Bus journeys can be long and tiresome so you may prefer to fly if budget allows.

Different airlines cover different areas of the country so it’s best to book via

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