Countries with the fastest internet in the world 2018

By Suzanne Lai
September 30, 2018

The countries with the fastest internet in the world have been ranked. Read our insights from the study and browse the rankings below.

If you’re one of the millions of people working in a remote job or pursuing a career as a digital nomad, then internet speed is one of the important factors in your choice of destination.

Internet comparison site Cable has ranked the countries with the fastest internet in the world based on over 163 million speed tests across 200 countries or territories. It is the second year of the assessment and the 2018 ranking uses data collected from June 2017 to May 2018. 

Key headlines

  • The global average internet speed is 9.1Mbps (megabits per second).
  • Singapore has the fastest internet speed in the world for the second year running with an average speed of 60.39Mbps.
  • Yemen has the slowest internet speed in the world with an average speed of just 0.31Mbps.
  • It would take over 36 hours to download a 5GB movie file in Yemen while someone in Singapore could do it in 11 minutes.
  • The five countries with the fastest internet have download speeds around 88 times faster than the five slowest.
  • 36 of the 50 countries with the fastest internet are located in Europe, with nine in Asia
    or Oceania, two in North America, two in South/Latin America and just one in Africa.

The internet is getting faster, but…

The average global internet speed is getting faster. The previous year produced a global average internet speed of 7.40Mbps. This year, the global average is 9.10Mbps – a rise of 23% (1.7Mbps).

However, it is worth noting that the countries contributing the most to this rise are those in developed nations which already have established infrastructure and can therefore roll out the latest technology available.

Comparatively, there is little development – and therefore little change in availability, rollout and uptake of faster infrastructure – in the bottom half of the ranking compared with the top half.

Generally speaking, the countries with the fastest internet in the world are likely to be smaller and more developed. The larger and less developed a nation is, the slower the internet will likely be.

Region by region

Unsurprisingly, Europe has the world’s highest concentration of countries with the fastest internet. Sweden, where 60% of homes and businesses enjoy up to 1,000Mbps (1Gbps), has Europe’s fastest internet with an average speed of 46Mbps.

Denmark (2nd) and Norway (3rd) are not far behind with average speeds of 43.99 and 40.12Mbps respectively. Of the 53 countries measured in Europe, only Armenia (107th) is outside the top 100.


The Asia-Pacific region is a more mixed bag with some of the fastest countries in the world – Singapore (1st), Japan (12th), Taiwan (14th), Hong Kong (19th) and New Zealand (26th) – and some of the slowest: Vanuatu (186th), Tajikistan (188th), Turkmenistan (198th) and East Timor (199th).

The US (20th) has the fastest broadband in the Americas with an average speed of 25.86Mbps. Generally, South and Latin American countries are at the slower end of the regional scale. Venezuela (176th) has the slowest speeds in the Americas with an average speed of just 1.24Mbps.

Only Bahrain (90th) and the UAE (97th) of the Middle East countries are not in the bottom 100.  Meanwhile, Africa is a long way behind the rest of the world when it comes to broadband provision, relying primarily on wireless (WiMAX, 3G, 4G) connectivity rather than cables to cover large landmass. Madagascar is the fastest African nation in 22nd place with an average speed of 24.87Mbps.

Countries with the fastest internet 2018

Sort the table below to view the countries with the fastest internet speed ranked by their average download speed (Mbps) and how long it typically takes to download a HD movie (5GB) at that speed. The ranking also includes changes from the previous year which can be sorted by either its change in position or download speed. Some countries and territories have been excluded due to insufficient sample sizes.

RankCountryAve. speed (Mbps)5GB download time± 2017 (rank)± 2017 (speed)
1Singapore60.3900h 11m-5.26
2Sweden46.0000h 14m-5.84
3Denmark43.9900h 15m110.45
4Norway40.1200h 17m310.99
5Romania38.6000h 17m1317.27
6Belgium36.7100h 18m29.34
7Netherlands35.9500h 18m-22.43
8Luxembourg35.1400h 19m2519.62
9Hungary34.0100h 20m610.85
10Jersey30.9000h 22m47.6
11Switzerland29.9200h 22m-12.99
12Japan28.9400h 23m-4.47
13Latvia28.6300h 23m-7-1.73
14Taiwan28.0900h 24m-11-6.31
15Estonia27.9100h 24m-23.8
16Spain27.1900h 25m57.59
17Lithuania27.1700h 25m-62.05
18Andorra27.1400h 25m2415.07
19Hong Kong26.4500h 25m-10-0.71
20USA25.8600h 26m15.86
21Slovakia25.3000h 26m26.45
22Madagascar24.8700h 27m6721.38
23France24.2300h 28m1410.8
24Finland24.0000h 28m-53.1
25Germany24.0000h 28m-15.2
26New Zealand23.7700h 28m46.92
27Czechia23.7100h 28m16.4
28Slovenia21.4100h 31m-33.04
29Portugal21.2800h 32m-12-0.44
30South Korea20.6300h 33m-14-2.27
31Bulgaria20.200h 33m-42.66
32Poland19.7300h 34m34.85
33Canada19.4800h 35m-71.11
34Iceland18.8500h 36m138.3
35UK18.5700h 36m-42.06
36Ireland18.2200h 37m-4.3
37Liechtenstein17.7100h 38m76.31
38Austria17.5100h 39m-42.25
39Barbados17.0800h 39m2610.46
40Thailand17.0600h 40m-110.21
41Macao16.1200h 42m-21-4.4
42Croatia15.6000h 43m-23.03
43Italy15.1000h 45m34.39
44Gibraltar14.7100h 46m-61.53
45Moldova13.8800h 49m-3.13
46Malta13.6000h 50m23.43
47Russia13.5100h 50m-41.92
48Malaysia13.3000h 51m156.61
49Aruba13.2700h 51m4810.15
50Serbia13.0000h 52m-90.75
51Turks & Caicos Is.11.7000h 58m114.96
52Australia11.6900h 58m33.99
53Kosovo11.6400h 58mNew entryNew entry
54Guernsey11.5800h 58m-22.82
55Cayman Islands11.4900h 59m-16-1.66
56Trinidad & Tobago11.3701h 00m378.09
57Greece11.301h 00m-3.74
58Ukraine11.2801h 00m-43.1
59Cyprus11.1001h 01m-62.86
60Monaco11.0201h 01m-28-5.11
61US Virgin Islands10.5501h 04m165.41
62Isle of Man10.5401h 04m-121.53
63Faroe Islands10.3801h 05m-52.9
64Kenya10.1101h 07m-131.28
65Bahamas9.9501h 08m-16-0.11
66Belarus9.2101h 14m-22.53
67Bermuda9.1301h 14m23.19
68Macedonia8.8201h 17m-91.48
69Jamaica8.2501h 22m-31.65
70Israel7.6401h 29m-100.44
71Bosnia & Herzegovina7.3701h 32m-100.37
72Panama7.0501h 36m364.75
73Puerto Rico6.8801h 39m-60.44
74Montenegro6.7401h 41m-30.89
75Vietnam6.7201h 41m-11.26
76South Africa6.3801h 47m42.02
77Georgia6.2501h 49m-70.39
78Uruguay6.1901h 50m704.88
79St Kitts & Nevis6.1201h 51m484.4
80Curaçao5.9901h 54m414
81Sri Lanka5.8401h 56m42.01
82Cuba5.8301h 57mNew entryNew entry
83Indonesia5.7701h 58m-80.58
84Martinique5.7401h 58m253.44
85Mexico5.6901h 59m-29-1.9
86Albania5.5602h 02m-80.89
87Dominica5.3802h 06m142.7
88India5.1902h 11m313.13
89Philippines5.1802h 11m-21.49
90Bahrain5.0502h 15m61.92
91Turkey4.9002h 19m-80.94
92Chile4.7402h 24m363.07
93Sint Maarten4.6802h 25m503.29
94British Virgin Islands4.4602h 33m-21-1.03
95Kazakhstan4.4502h 33m-130.45
96Dominican Republic4.4102h 34m-28-1.81
97UAE4.3502h 36m-160.18
98Laos4.2902h 39m262.35
99Guadeloupe4.2102h 42m302.58
100Myanmar4.1502h 44m182.06
101Brunei4.1502h 44m-150.32
102Jordan4.1102h 46m-11.13
103Cambodia4.1002h 46m-51
104Saudi Arabia4.0902h 46m-51.03
105Morocco4.0302h 49m-26-0.35
106Costa Rica3.9602h 52m302.43
107Armenia3.9402h 53m-150.65
108Belize3.9302h 53m-32-1.21
109Antigua & Barbuda3.8502h 57m161.99
110Oman3.8302h 58m-61.22
111Qatar3.8002h 59m-27-0.09
112Tunisia3.6703h 05m-240.17
113Peru3.3103h 26m281.9
114Colombia3.2503h 29m-1.13
115Cabo Verde3.2403h 30m51.24
116Argentina3.1803h 34m432.03
117New Caledonia3.1603h 36m-60.93
118Guatemala3.1303h 38m-27-0.18
119Saint Lucia3.0003h 47m31.02
120Ghana2.8803h 56m-100.58
121Zimbabwe2.8603h 58m-160.37
122Honduras2.8004h 03m-32-0.67
123El Salvador2.7804h 05m-160.44
124Guam2.7704h 06m-120.55
125Kuwait2.7604h 06m-120.55
126Ecuador2.7604h 07m231.48
127Fiji2.6504h 17m27+1.41
128Guyana2.6404h 18m451.75
129Nicaragua2.6404h 18m311.5
130Rwanda2.6404h 19m-130.53
131Namibia2.6204h 20m-50.81
132Saint Vincent & Gren.2.604h 22mNew entryNew entry
133Brazil2.5804h 24m51.09
134Burundi2.5604h 26mNew entryNew entry
135Azerbaijan2.5204h 31m-33-0.15
136Suriname2.4704h 36m161.22
137Grenada2.4604h 37mNew entryNew entry
138Haiti2.4204h 42m-35-0.2
139Mauritius2.3904h 45m-20.86
140Uganda2.3904h 45m-240.27
141China2.3804h 47m-70.83
142Réunion2.3804h 47m261.41
143French Guiana2.3704h 47m21.03
144Nepal2.3604h 49m251.39
145Iran2.2005h 09m-120.64
146Zambia2.0305h 35m-40-0.42
147Maldives1.9805h 45m-170.36
148Bangladesh1.9705h 46m-40.63
149Tanzania1.9605h 48m-100.47
150Papua New Guinea1.9205h 55m70.73
151Bolivia1.9006h 00m210.99
152Nigeria1.8606h 07m-57-1.29
153Mozambique1.7606h 27m-130.31
154Palestine1.7506h 29m-31-0.21
155Paraguay1.7306h 35m240.98
156Seychelles1.7206h 37m-84-4.12
157Ivory Coast1.7006h 42m-20.48
158Liberia1.6107h 04m-43-0.51
159Sierra Leone1.6107h 04mNew entryNew entry
160Lebanon1.607h 06m30.53
161Mongolia1.5707h 14m-29-0.03
162Sudan1.5607h 18m-0.46
163Kyrgyzstan1.5207h 28m30.54
164Botswana1.5007h 34m-0.43
165Angola1.4907h 37m-0.44
166Gambia1.4507h 50mNew entryNew entry
167Libya1.4207h 59m70.53
168French Polynesia1.4207h 59m-220.08
169Senegal1.4008h 08m-110.23
170Egypt1.3308h 32m-140.11
171Pakistan1.3208h 38m-0.41
172Cameroon1.2908h 47m-50.32
173Togo1.2708h 56m-200.03
174Swaziland1.2609h 03mNew entryNew entry
175Algeria1.2509h 07m-140.14
176Venezuela1.2409h 09m60.54
177Benin1.2309h 13m30.5
178Iraq1.2109h 25m-47-0.39
179Malawi1.1709h 44m-90.25
180Afghanistan1.1509h 54m-30-0.12
181Gabon1.1310h 04m70.72
182São Tomé and Príncipe1.1310h 05mNew entryNew entry
183Ethiopia1.1310h 06m-36-0.21
184Uzbekistan1.0211h 06m-60.26
185Mayotte0.9711h 41mNew entryNew entry
186Vanuatu0.9511h 56m-20.32
187Mali0.9512h 01m-110.11
188Tajikistan0.9412h 03m-110.11
189Djibouti0.9212h 19m-38-0.33
190Congo (DRC)0.8613h 12m-90.14
191Congo0.8513h 20m-50.3
192Burkina Faso0.8413h 35m-50.35
193Niger0.8313h 43mNew entryNew entry
194Syria0.8114h 04m-110.13
195Mauritania0.7016h 14m-80-0.84
196Guinea0.6517h 28m-21-0.19
197Somalia0.6018h 56m-12-0.02
198Turkmenistan0.5620h 22m-56-0.84
199East Timor0.4923h 13mNew entryNew entry
200Yemen0.3136h 52m-11-0.03
Lead image: Dreamstime

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