Farewell, London

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Today is our last day in this blustery city we call London. It feels strange, particularly for me as it’s the only city in which I’ve lived. Peter has moved around – Norwich, Cambridge, Northampton – but for me London has always been home. It’s where I made my friends for life, where I graduated, where all my nieces and nephews were born, where my father passed away, where I fell in love, where everything I hold dear resides.

But it’s time for a new adventure – one that begins with today’s Heathrow departure: a 13-hour flight to Singapore followed by an 8-hour flight to Australia followed by a 4-hour flight to our final destination of Vanuatu. As journeys go, it’s pretty epic. We leave on Monday and arrive on Wednesday, losing a day in transit. What I really would have liked is to have written an ode to London that’s worthy of its scale and grandeur but, alas, today there is little time. What I will say instead is that I’ll miss this home of mine and the people in it. Immensely.

We’ll see you on the other side.

Very British Problems by Rob Temple is a hilarious insight into the British psyche.

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